What We Do…

We Serve Children Ages: 1 ½ years to 20

Our clinical practice uses information about Temperament, Psychological Skills and Behavioral Patterns in understanding behavioral individuality in children. Our child study starts at ages 1 ½ years with analysis of temperament, behavioral patterns, neuro-developmental patterns and cognitive functioning. We provide clinical diagnosis, and intervention for all children including those referred from pediatrics as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorders. As children approach 4 years, we begin adding mental health and psychological skill components. In all cases, the parent is always present and is being taught along with the child so that continuity is maintained.

We Serve Adolescents

Parents are seen first to establish realistic goals between the clinic and the home and to engage behavioral and cognitive assessments.

As we work together, strengthening the family structure the adolescent is brought into the clinic, and engaged with proven successful interventions and transitions.

Many years ago, Counseling Solutions started a Saturday morning adolescent group where they share their successful ideas and practices with other kids. It is the longest running adolescent group in Charlotte County and it works!

We provide solutions for Adults, Marriage and Family

We are a “solutions focused” mental health clinical practice. The moment a client walks into the door, we begin to assess and provide focused relief and assistance. Adult counseling is uniquely rapid and engaging.

Marriage counseling utilizes highly acclaimed and proven strategies which are research based to provide solutions, not delays.